The aim is to add a level of detail that not only catches their attention, it infuses the experience with emotion, and thus, meaning.

While creating emotion is often worthwhile in and of itself, one can imagine the increase in brand affinity it creates. Some estimates claim that each of us is subjected to 5,000 marketing messages per day. In the midst of that, wouldn’t we all like a little jolt of something that pulls our heart strings, offers something useful to us, or makes us laugh? It’s one of those things that transforms an app, a website, a digital experience from good, but forgettable, to exceptional and memorable.

Join us in New York City on October 28 at SEGD’s annual XLab event to learn more about this topic. In this lecture MJD Co-Founder and CEO, Jeremy Duimstra, will cover:

  • Examples of elements of emotive experiential design from Disney, American Girl, Yelp, Stride-Rite, and many other sites, apps and digital experiences.
  • Incorporating emotive design from user experience documentation through design and development
  • Prototyping for emotion using tools like Invision
  • The ROI of Emotion
  • Brand affinity through emotion design