Skunkworks focuses on emerging technology, research and innovation. Skunkworks is a place where all MJD employees have the opportunity to bring new product ideas to life either for our clients or possible product development and internal company investment.


Our clients count on us to always be ahead of the curve and to recommend new creative uses of technology for their product and marketing ideas, and the Skunkworks division will make sure we are pushing the limits of what is possible. Wearable tech, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, GPS tech, mobile, web and disruptive technologies all are a big focus of the Skunkworks division.

MJD Skunkworks is also a place where all MJD employees have the opportunity to bring new ideas and products to life either for our clients or for possible product development and internal company investment. The most recent Skunkworks product launch was our Retail EXP mobile enhanced shopping platform.


On a regular basis we host tech meetup groups at the MJD offices where we discuss new technologies, mobile apps, and other game changing ideas that could one day have an impact on our daily lives. Meetups are open to the public with free food and drinks. Past meetups include iOS, Swift, UX and Android meetups.

Guest speakers are announced periodically and include various types of entrepreneurs, investors, and fun, interesting people to talk with in a casual setting. Follow our social interwebs for upcoming info and if you have any tech products for our group to review, please send tech samples for us to test and any info we might need.


We are currently accepting venture funded companies into our incubation program to help steer and guide newly funded companies to the next level of awareness and/or purchase. MJD offers our entire agency’s staff and services as part of an investor model for selected projects. Alternatively, we work with Series A or further funded start up companies to work together on a fee basis to help take your ideas to the next level. For more information and submission process email solutions@mjdinteractive.com.

Meaningful Connections

At MJD we are striving to give meaning to the digital connections between people. We aim to elicit emotion when someone uses a digital product, experience or platform that we’ve designed and built. It could be something simple like a beautifully designed user interface that makes working with a smartphone exceptionally easy. It could be something hard like creating a Store of the Future where little girls can fall in love with a doll and be inspired to create their own strong path in this big world.

Digital Innovation Agency

Digital innovation is disrupting entire industries, transforming consumer behavior and influencing the way people interact with brands and products. In our 24/7 world, companies are leveraging digital technologies to create tremendous value, efficiencies and new revenue models while their customers expect ever more personalized and engaging experiences.