Connected Products and IoT

Everyone wants to be software company or build the next killer smart product, we can help

Connected products are quickly becoming the new normal as the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly connects everything around us. Beyond wearables, devices and other items traditionally in the “tech” category, this general trend will impact all consumer products. Successfully incorporating embedded “connected” or “smart” technology requires designing interactions that “just work” and allow people to use products as part of larger contexts with ease and delight.

We help companies innovate their product offerings and supporting services to respond to this new reality through strategy, user experience, design and software development.

Up to 90% of the value of a connected product can be in its “connected” nature and the uses that enables (vs its other “consumer product” qualities).

There will be 24 billion IoT devices installed by 2020, representing $6 trillion of investments

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  • Solutions:
  • Product innovation strategy, ideation and feasibility prototyping
  • Product user experience and interface design
  • Mobile application strategy, product integration, design and engineering
  • Internet of Things software/hardware consulting
  • Cross-product and service connectivity
  • Data management and visualization
  • User experience research and testing
Meaningful Connections

At MJD we are striving to give meaning to the digital connections between people. We aim to elicit emotion when someone uses a digital product, experience or platform that we’ve designed and built. It could be something simple like a beautifully designed user interface that makes working with a smartphone exceptionally easy. It could be something hard like creating a Store of the Future where little girls can fall in love with a doll and be inspired to create their own strong path in this big world.

Digital Innovation Agency

Digital innovation is disrupting entire industries, transforming consumer behavior and influencing the way people interact with brands and products. In our 24/7 world, companies are leveraging digital technologies to create tremendous value, efficiencies and new revenue models while their customers expect ever more personalized and engaging experiences.