MJD Design Thinking is how we create our most thoughtful solutions. It’s a way for an entire digital team to work together – to create a major impact on users. This is what keeps us inspired and our innovation wheels spinning.

Design Thinking - Everyone is a Creative

Too easily there is a line drawn between a creative, development or management team. We don’t believe in a creative team filled with designers. at MJD everyone is embraced as a creative collaborator. We are made up of storytellers, strategists, developers, user experience experts, interface designers, engineers, and we are all creative thinkers. Sure, there are differences. An art director’s creativity may show through within a thoughtful brand story where an engineer’s may be a path to purchase solution cut in half.  But at the end of the day, we are all thinkers and doers, brainstorming and challenging each other.  This keeps the entire team invested in the collaboration needed to take our work from good to great.


Design Thinking - Uncover the Story

We strive to create digital products with a voice, a fresh perspective, an innovative function and an unexpected aesthetic. In order to do this, we must uncover the story to be spoken. We believe everything has a story. Whether it’s an app interface or an experience platform; they all communicate. Is the experience smart, fun, efficient, unique, catering, personal? We define and outline this based on real user’s problems and desires.  When defined we’re able to strategize and build patterns for communicating to users the things that matter to them; clearly and consistently.



A natural build on uncovering a project’s story is the emotional side of user experience. Users are technology savvy. Users aren’t finding what they want in time. Users have brand awareness. These type of business and technology considerations are important. But equally important to remember is that users are human with emotional needs. What feelings are evoked during the experience?  Why are they satisfied or not? Tapping into this insight guides directions on personality, tone and aesthetic.  A delightful interaction, visual impact, and an unexpected tone of voice are all great ways to tap into user satisfaction and ultimately turn a casual user into a brand ambassador.



Once we create and release a digital product, it’s only the end of the beginning. Now it’s time to observe it in it’s natural habitat. The work lives on, it continues to interact with people outside of our bubble every day. We keep in touch. Nothing is absolutely perfect from the start. Iteration is an integral part of our process. We watch, collect information, listen to reviews, and research new technologies; all in order to find ways to improve the experience overall as it connects with the world. With iteration, digital products grow and evolve with the ever-changing needs of essential new and returning users.


Design Thinking - Play

How will we innovate if we don’t play? We must explore the work, explore the environment. Reach into the corners of the constraints and shed light on the what if’s. Tinker with the bad ideas and the good to unveil a fresh approach. We are lucky enough to be in this industry of creative output and opportunity. Try something outrageous, something bold. It’s okay to fail. Failure is part of the process, accept and learn from it. Fail fast, then try again. Continue to play.


Authored by: Lindsey Harris, Creative Director